TRK Devices - Vehicles

Tracker Modules

Sophisticated 'black box' tracking modules with multiple inputs (I.O.'s) that are hardwired to ignition and to other vehicle functions to provide the data needed for all event based reporting. A suite of reports provides easy to read information on all activity. Duress or breakdown features can also be programmed into the modules, and when activated can be diverted to mobile telephones and report as pop-ups to console operators. Model variations are for the number of available I.O.'s and Serial Ports.

Data Terminals

Modules are available to suit particular requirements and allow for two way wireless communication between the Base and the Mobile Asset for the exchange of information and commands. Touch screens and 'F' command buttons allow for simple driver response. Units with GPS navigation and tracking can also be supplied.

VMS 1000 – Data Interface

A full screen graphics display device, the VMS 1000 delivers a high level of functionality to both driver and office end management staff. A full colour touch screen enables the driver to take advantage of easy to use, yet powerful field software application programs as well as satellite navigation for easy directions to the next stop. A raft of vehicle telemetry points such as engine speed, temperature, boom operations, etc. can be monitored automatically and reported back to the office. This unit has requirements for connectivity.

Portable Tracking - Personal Digital Assistants

GPS Smart phones with multiple uses for portable applications where voice communication is primarily required with tracking and is beneficial to certain companies and organisations. Configurable for Web based applications. Talk, Track, Email, Duress, Bar code Reader option.

Satellite Communication and more

The majority of our products rely on the GSM network for communication via GPRS and they store information when not in coverage for automatic download when they sense a transmitter, we also have products that report via satellite to our software network on a similar basis to our GPS/GPRS devices. This allows clients to retain one continuous software package without switching to separate operating systems.

  • Interstate/Intrastate
  • General/Specialised Freight
  • Refrigeration
  • Landscape/Quarry Supplies
  • Haulage/Water
  • Recycling/Waste
  • Containers/Trailers
  • Buses/Taxis/Health
  • Mechanical Repair/Service
  • Parts Delivery
  • Plumbers/Electricians
  • Vehicle Delivery/Towing
  • Pest/Fire Service
  • Sales Representatives
  • Assett Management
  • Essential Services
  • Personal Tracking
  • Guards/Patrols
  • Health Support
  • Field Personnel
  • Inspectors
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hire Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Traffic Management

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