Advanced Tracking Solutions - Service/Support

Trakmax Key System Features Provides:

  • Real time visibility of vehicle and driver location
  • Historical data provides analysis of time spent at customer sites and frequency
  • Actual hours worked, start/finish times
  • Monitor vehicle speed, odometer, kilometers travelled and engine hours
  • Plus idle time, routes used, productive vehicle use and much more
  • Mobile Data Terminals provide two way messaging for improved two way communication at a fraction of the cost of mobile systems
  • Driver status, e.g. Job accepted, completed etc helps eliminate error
  • Improved security, safety and protection for your drivers and vehicles
  • Duress / Breakdown alerts to mobile phones and to desktop
  • Digital and Analogue system interfaces for temperature, breakdown/duress, etc

Trakmax tracking solution is an easy to use and powerful tool for your business to track mobile assets and helps provide efficient work practices, safety, customer satisfaction and helps increase profits with improved productivity.

Web hosted, secure software with no desktop installation required for reporting and mapping software, unlimited users and available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Key System Benefits include

  • Time management and effective job allocation
  • Optimise vehicle usage, identify the best vehicle for the job
  • Monitoring vehicle arrivals and departures
  • Identify time wastage at pick-up and delivery
  • Accurate invoicing: Drivers and operators become more accountable for the time spent at jobs and vehicle usage
  • Extended vehicle life, lower maintenance costs, safer driving practice
  • Improves customer service and client liaison
  • Reduces phone communication and saves time for office staff
  • Key management tool, Improves Productivity
  • Gives you the competitive edge; offer your clients real solutions ahead of your rivals
  • Compliance technology
  • Interstate/Intrastate
  • General/Specialised Freight
  • Refrigeration
  • Landscape/Quarry Supplies
  • Haulage/Water
  • Recycling/Waste
  • Containers/Trailers
  • Buses/Taxis/Health
  • Mechanical Repair/Service
  • Parts Delivery
  • Plumbers/Electricians
  • Vehicle Delivery/Towing
  • Pest/Fire Service
  • Sales Representatives
  • Assett Management
  • Essential Services
  • Personal Tracking
  • Guards/Patrols
  • Health Support
  • Field Personnel
  • Inspectors
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hire Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Traffic Management

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