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When every dollar counts the Trakmax GPS Vehicle Management solution uses powerful tools to increase efficiencies in all levels of operations within small and large companies tracking mobile assets to provide better work practices and safety benefits. These in turn are reflected in a more profitable bottom line through effective planning, decision making, reduced communication with improved Customer Satisfaction and retention.

Expert honest advice

Tailoring the simplest most cost effective solution for any sized business with professional friendly service, expert practical advice plus quality reliable products designed for efficient use in varied applications and environments. We supply the latest technology GPS tracking products that have been developed to suit a wide range of vehicles, machinery, personnel and for communication.

Web hosted Software

Easy to read software, simple to use and navigate with live tracking, Australia wide mapping, comprehensive reporting and history that is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Secure Web hosting allows access from remote locations and for multiple users from within office environments. Desktop software installation is not required. Software can be adaptive to suit comprehensive integrated solutions.


We seek to provide effective business solutions to professionals engaged in the transport and haulage, sales, service and maintenance fleets plus all vehicle and machinery usage, earthmoving, mining and as a result we constantly evolve in meeting clients needs in these ever changing user defined conditions. We draw on suppliers and engineers who have unsurpassed knowledge and experience who have developed our GPS products to suit rugged Australian and the Worlds environmental conditions.

One access fee, unlimited users and accessible from anywhere in the world!

Trakmax - Mobile Resource Management

  • Interstate/Intrastate
  • General/Specialised Freight
  • Refrigeration
  • Landscape/Quarry Supplies
  • Haulage/Water
  • Recycling/Waste
  • Containers/Trailers
  • Buses/Taxis/Health
  • Mechanical Repair/Service
  • Parts Delivery
  • Plumbers/Electricians
  • Vehicle Delivery/Towing
  • Pest/Fire Service
  • Sales Representatives
  • Assett Management
  • Essential Services
  • Personal Tracking
  • Guards/Patrols
  • Health Support
  • Field Personnel
  • Inspectors
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hire Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Traffic Management

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